Enamelled Cast Iron Fondue

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When you think to purchase any sort of product, there are situations of confusion one will come around because our market has vast number of items if you ask for a single. Cast iron fondue is something which looks admirable and adds a lot of fun to your social functions and dinners you arrange. Enameled cast iron fondue is a better version of it. When it comes to selection of the right fondue equipment, you have to always go for the right one because one wrong choice can ruin your meal as well as your reputation. A wrong choice can burn your food by excessive heating or vice versa and this type of disasters can be avoided by getting the right apparatus to your kitchen. There are different types of fondue pot available in the market and every pot has its different purpose so select according to your requirement. There are four types of fondue pots available and that are cheese fondue pot, hot oil fondue pot, dessert fondue set and the last is electric fondue set. If you want your fondue pot to go in a long run then stick yourself with branded sets. An enamelled cast iron fondue set comes in different styles, shapes and combinations. The fondue set is a combination of many other types of equipment which includes iron pot, chromed burner, spoons, cups, forks, holders, cast iron rechaud and some other required parts.

Enameled cast iron fondue are made up of a material that conducts heat properly, it takes little more time to heat yup but once heated the temperature will remain steady for a longer time. This helps in preventing to burn or damage the food, meat or vegetable etc you want to cook. Fondues are also made in use for cheese, chocolate or soups. This product is a great option to make your special events like birthdays, anniversaries etc more blissful. Enameled cast iron fondue set is something that is worthy buying.


Cleaning and maintenance of an enamelled cast iron fondue:

Whenever you turn on for something to cook, the next process is always cleaning of the equipments you used in your cooking and can never skip this. It is always required to clean such cookware on time and with proper care for a long run. Clean your fondue set by using hot water and detergent followed by scrubbing and then wipes it off with a clean towel. You can also go for salt to clean the bottoms and corners of the pans; it is also helpful in cleaning the brown blots that gets stuck on the pan. If your pan has been burned or some rigid stuff has taken place then rub your pan with a scouring pad or scrub, further re season it because after using a good amount of soap in cleaning, a lot of oil comes out which requires re seasoning.

Some important tips to remember:

  • Be careful when you are using hot cast iron fondue because it may lead you to burn injuries.
  • There are instances when your cast iron does not adapt with seasoning, in this case wait for some time as at few stages seasoning is not instant. 

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