Enameled Cast Iron Casserole

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Cast iron is a group of iron-carbon alloys with carbon content greater than 2%. Carbon(c) and silicon(si) are the main alloying elements, with the amount ranging from 2.1-4 wt% and 1-3 wt% respectively.

Cast iron has low melting point, good fluidity, castability,excellent machinability, resistance to deformation and wear resistance. It is resistant to destruction and weakening by oxidation

Casseroles are ideal for cooking all types of ideal cuisines whether it is the roasting of a stew or preparation of a soup, rice puddings and even for baking cakes. It seems to be the all-rounder cookware for your kitchen. While choosing for the casserole one should stick to the cast iron for its versatile characteristics. Cast iron casseroles which are available are in a variety of shape, sizes and colours which adds a plus point in your kitchen. Cast iron casserole when used in casseroles it tends to be a plus point as it makes a heavy duty cookware cast iron is very helpful to retain heat for a long time compare to other vessels, it can work on different heat sources such as gas, induction cooktop, electric hot plate.

Advantages of cast iron cookware or casseroles

  • Low cost- one of the biggest advantages of cast iron cookware is the low cost compared to that of similar quality aluminium or stainless steel cookware. You can usually find a quality cast iron sauce pan or griddle for a fraction of the cost you would pay for other materials.
  • Even heating area- unlike stainless steel and aluminium, cast iron cookware offers an even heating area for cooking no matter what type of cooking surface you use. This is extremely helpful when cooking over open fire
  • NATURALLY NON STICK- a well-seasoned cast iron skillet or cast iron bakewares becomes naturally non-stick when seasoned. This natural non-stick characteristic offers another advantage over stainless steel and aluminium cookware as well. Unlike other materials, seasoned cast iron eliminates the need for using oil and butter on the cooking surface, making your foods lower in fat.
  • Dietry iron- cast iron cookwares offers a major health advantage as well. During cooking, iron from the cast iron cookware flakes off and is then consumed with the food, making the cast iron a great source of iron, especially people with anemia.


Cast iron cookware especially in casseroles is very advantageous and to add the further advantage in casserole are the casseroles with the dome lid at the top. In this type of casseroles the lid is dome shaped which fits at the top.and WSOAR IS one of the best manufacturers,suppliers and Exporters of Cast Iron Casseroles which is Enameled cast iron manufacturered in china with best quality.Find World class casseroles manufacturers based in china where you can get cast iron casseroles products in all over the world.

  • Dome shaped lid is designed to lock in the moisture so its good for braising or slow cooking where you want moist heat.
  • It allows the vapour to return back to the casseroles with greater efficiency
  • The top of the dome lid is cooler than a flat lid with compared to flat lid which allows better condensation.
  • Dome lid has more distance with liquid than in flat lid.