Cast Iron frying Skillet

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cast iron frying skillet is something which rocks at roughly any type of cuisine. It is cost efficient, non-sticky as well as a kitchen asset you would love to have. Whether it is a potato to get crisped, steaks to get flamed, garlic breads, pan pizza, pasta or a complete chicken meal, cast iron frying skillet is apt for all. It is a versatile kitchen product to which no other pan can compete with. When you are being facilitated by some delight, it is very essential that they also need to be take care off. It should be known that cast iron skillets are non sticky and to make them sticky you need to go with its seasoning. The seasoning process follows by coating the skillet with oil and then baking it up at high temperature approximately 350 degree Fahrenheit for somewhat an hour. When the frying skillet gets cooled up, wash it off with soap water and wipe it with a dry cloth.  This seasoning process will make your pan ready to use without harming it by removing the shiny surface. Your cast iron skillet pan will get more and more seasoned every time you are taking it in use, coating it with oil and baking your food in it. When you are bringing some kitchen product in use, you also need to clean it thoroughly. If you want you’re frying skillet to go in a long run and for best results always clean them immediately after cooking with hot water. Burning of the surface of pan is very common and to overcome this problem you need to scrub it with some rough scrub and then a non metallic brush followed by a soap solution. If your pan is getting rusted or develops rusting then scrub it and also season it afterwards and to avoid rusting always dry the skillet immediately after washing.

Some points to keep in mind while cooking in cast iron frying skillets are mentioned below:

  • You need to preheat cast iron frying skillets before adding any food item to cook and also can move the recipe of cast iron pan from gas to oven.
  • Never use your cast pan in a microwave because it will harm and ruin both your pan as well as your oven. The results will be such that it will neither result in cleanup nor any replacement.
  • Some people avoid using cast iron pans because they complain that everything cooked it in get sticks. The reason for this is that people skip seasoning of the pan; once the pan is seasoned it will never stick food items.


There is certain number of myths one is surrounded with in case of cast iron frying skillet and we need to clear this. People say that cast iron is quite difficult to maintain because it is made of material that can rust, cracked or chipped easily but the reality is that the material of cast iron is very rigid and is difficult to get destroyed. Some say that that the old and new cast iron pans are made up of the same material and is good but the reality is that the production methods differ.


Tips you need to remember while handling your cast iron frying skillet:

  • Strictly avoid boiling water in your cast iron pan as it will result the pan in rusting.
  • Cast iron pans take longer time to heat up than other cooking surfaces and also cool easily. Use a thick towel to cover the handle of the pan while cooking.
  •  Keep one particular cleaning cloth for your pan to avoid getting stains all around.
  • Iron is good for your health and cooking food in iron pan for longer time will absorb more iron content in the food.

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